Our Friends Have Skills: Dru Martin Redux

Last summer I wrote a series of articles for NonDoc covering topics of racial themes, narratives, and Oklahoma Black oral histories.  The act of “saving each other” was highlighted throughout one article, with narratives covering our stops in Lexington, Grove, IXL, and Cromwell.

I personally experience difficulty when sharing what I consider to be “data” — unfiltered narratives of the dear ones who give us their time. Each decision I make on what to share is informed by my own background and culture. When reporting on themes like corporal punishment, or leaving phrases like “colored people” in an audio files, I wrestle with my own positionality…and the intersectionality of me (the listener), and they (the historians).

During one of these decision-making struggles last year, I became especially glad to have support from someone at Next Thought studios. Carl Evens, a personal friend and employee of Next Thought stepped in and relieved me of some of those editorial decisions when he was experimenting with this question: “What if Every Point on the Map had animation and/or video graphic support to help tell their stories?”

Carl’s work here with the Drucilla Martin discussion helps “just a bit more” of our work be available to you with the reframing of geographical reference points.

Thank you, Carl. You were good guide to help drag me out of the deep-tangle woods that is my own brain.  I only wish we could jump from town to town as quickly as your graphics do in this video!

~ Red Dirt Kelly

Note to readers: Our family’s transition from Edmond to Ada was all-consuming.  However, we’re beginning to feel settled.  And paradoxically, as I personally feel settled, I get restless — my EPOTM traveling spirit is ready to go.  We’ll be deploying about 8-10 more stops of content we have not shared, then in August we’ll hit the road again. We have fun, new information about our August relaunching period and I’ll tell you these trade secrets at my earliest possible time!  Happy travels…RDK