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My Cheeks Still Hurt. I Blame Improv.

Curt Coy, Red Dirt Improv troupe member.

by Joey Rodman

“Curt can guess people’s high school nicknames within ten minutes of meeting them. Curt just got back from Europe, where he spent time training a baby polar bear named Knute. Curt has a great sense of direction and can sometimes be spotted walking magnetic North. Curt believes that it is wrong for you to spank your children, but is willing to do it himself. Upon graduation from OU, Curt was nominated to the Supreme Court, but was unable to make it to the Senate hearings because he couldn’t find any shoes that day. Curt is a friend of Anna and can be found counting ants at the park most days.” ~ Red Dirt Improve Website, Description of Troupe Member, Curt Coy

The weather is trending slightly-weirdly and oh-so-uncertainly warmer in Red Dirt country and since you may be venturing out of your house, we wanted to remind you that the Red Dirt Improv is a viable, if not funky, option.  Joey’s first essay for the RDC was written after she attended her first improv show.  We’re re-posting it this morning in order to give you a little sumthin’-sumthin’ (yes, I was channeling Whitney Houston when I wrote that) for options when selecting where to spend your Oklahoma entertainment dollars.

Ciao ~ Red Dirt Kelly (I don’t know WHAT I was channeling when I wrote “ciao.”  I never say that word. Never ever.)


Have you ever laughed so much in one night that your cheeks ache? I went to an improv show Saturday night and my face still hurts a little.

Red Dirt Improv is a local troupe of improv performers and they hosted a festival at Lyric at the Plaza last weekend. Troupes from surrounding areas joined in to compound the weekend funny factor.

Even though I’ve been to tons of open mic nights and stand-up comedy shows, I was a little apprehensive. People were going to be on stage doing… well, they didn’t know what they were going to do.

The idea that maybe this wasn’t going to work out so well occurred to me. Continue reading My Cheeks Still Hurt. I Blame Improv.