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Silent Sunday: Gardens and Farmer’s Markets in Oklahoma

Jonathan Apples from Livesay Orchard in Porter, OK ~ at the Urban Agrarian stand, Farmer's Market, Edmond, OK. 10/1/11

I realized yesterday, as I strolled down each aisle of my local farmer’s market, that harvest has not nearly come to a close.  Nor has it in my own garden.  Aside from the fact that we have seen very little moisture, the weather is grand for fruits and vegetables.  And, our water supply is still giving, so we’re still getting.  I’ve decided to share just a few photos of the beautiful harvest I’ve seen over the last month or so…some is mine, some is other producers’.

Enjoy – and have a wonderful Silent Sunday, [kelly]

Sand Hill Vineyards ~ Wines sold at the Edmond Farmer's Market 10/1/11. This vineyard works in conjunction with Redlands Community College to provide a 2-year certificate or degree program in viticulture.

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