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Covered Wagons, Dugouts, and Snakes: An Oklahoma Land Run Narrative

by Atlanta B Crouch, 1890

Long ago during the days, on the lonely westerns plains of covered wagons, dugouts and snakes, we – my husband and I – began house keeping on a farm seven miles west of Ashland, Clark County, Kansas in 1890, April 17, in a dugout; and I soon learned that I had a man who liked good things to eat. So consequently, we often had company.

It was on one of these occasions when the diners were seated at the table that I turned around to refill someone’s glass with water that we discovered there was an extra guest.

I said, “Will you just look who’s come!” Continue reading Covered Wagons, Dugouts, and Snakes: An Oklahoma Land Run Narrative

Silent Sundays: 9/19/10

Innocent three year-old gives those behind him in the stands a chuckle before the OSU-Tulsa game begins Saturday night -Photo by Kelly Roberts, Red Dirt Chronicles.
Young OU fan shows the world his sibling position, his favorite football team and his patriotism all on one sign. (Photo retrieved from the Daily Oklahoman website - click photo to visit entire photo gallery).
One half mile from her driveway on 9-15-10, Red Dirt Kelly noticed the sunset in her rearview mirror coming home from work. Pulling over to the side of the road, she stopped and thanked the Big Sky for the 7:30 p.m. gift. - Photo by K. Roberts, Red Dirt Chronicles
Make sure and catch the State Fair before it closes. The remainder of the Silent Sunday photos were shot by Rylee Roberts in September, 2009 at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.
Photo by Rylee Roberts
Photo by Rylee Roberts
Photo by Rylee Roberts
9/18/10: Longhorn steers take a leisurely stroll along Independence Saturday during the annual Cherokee Strip Celebration parade in downtown Enid. (Staff Photo by BONNIE VCULEK) Click photo to visit the Enid news site.