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You Can’t Handle the Tooth!

Every parent knows the drill.  Kid loses tooth (usually in a dramatic 3-part episode building up to a bloody, dangling tooth hanging on by a thread before the parent steps in to put the tooth out of its misery).  Kid quickly trades tears for excitement over an anticipated visit from the Tooth Fairy.  Parent helps kid write a special note to Her Highness O’ Teeth and they place the tooth and note under kid’s pillow.  The next morning, kid rejoices at his/her newfound riches, ditches the tooth, and lives happily ever after.

Having a six-year-old means we’re in the thick of the tooth-losing stage.  We’ve effortlessly moved through the above steps seven times thus far.  But tooth #8 proved to be a bit problematic.  In short, Bailey lost her tooth and then actually LOST her tooth, so there was no evidence to leave for the Tooth Fairy. Continue reading You Can’t Handle the Tooth!