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Simple Sabbath: Anthems, Cheeleaders and Downs…and Ups


What a great opportunity! You must be doing something right in your career if you are asked to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

February 6, 2011
Sunday –I put away the book I have been reading as my wife pulls the home-made pizza out of the oven. It’s Super Bowl Sunday at my house. It is getting close to pregame hype and kickoff. After a brief panic — “Ahggg, where’s the remote?” — I go old-school and turn the television on MANually.

Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLV.

Nestling into my spot on the couch I am good to go. I have pizza, drink and smugly think, I don’t need no stinking remote, I’m watching all the commercials. (Yes, I have bad grammar in my thought life.)

And now singing our National Anthem,” I hear the public address announcer’s voice, “Christina Aguilera.” Two things go through my mind:
1. Hey, they shoulda got that Youtube, homeless guy to introduce her, that would be cool;
2. Oh, so that’s Christina Aguilera.

She starts singing and I quickly conclude, oh yes, she’s waaay better than me. This pizza is good.

“Don’t get any of that on the couch,” I hear a familiar voice from the kitchen say.

And then, whoops! What? Did she just… I think she messed up. FUMBLE! Another bite of pizza — nice recovery Christi, I muse, and for a brief second or two I feel badly for her. Bless her heart, thats gotta be tough. You know she feels just terrible.

As I reach for another piece of pizza I see the Facebook notice lighting up on my Blackberry. People seem to have opinions about our Anthem and Aguilera. Since I am viewing remote-less, I juggle my pizza and phone to read the comments. The early opinions seem to be that she is now the worst person on the planet. Ouch, tough crowd.

“Are you using a napkin?” that same lady in the kitchen asks.

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Courage Under Fire….Good Movie

Captain Karen Walden portrayed by Meg Ryan in "Courage Under Fire." Years earlier? Jeremiah, portrayed by himself, in the Book of Jeremiah.

by Alfred Lamar Jackson

Good Saturday, RDC followers new and old. Another week has gone by and we are moving closer to the New Year. Many times a new year brings uncertainty and change. For some, a new year is a welcomed fresh start. To all those who have uncertainty and fear, I encourage you to make fast and anchor yourself in truth. God has you in His hands and in His plans.

This brings me to my journey through Jeremiah. This man has really amazed me! As a reader I sometimes feel like the book is redundant because Jeremiah is prophesying what seems to be the same message over and over again. To an extent it is, “Repent evil people and serve God again!”  God’s message was still the same and Jeremiah delivered it without fail. He had to have courage. It’s not a new concept of people with courage doing God’s will, but it means more when you read the whole story instead of someone telling you how courageous this man was.

In Jeremiah chapter 26 our hero faces the first written attempt on his life. I can’t put the whole chapter here so I’ll summarize. It starts as a normal day for Jeremiah: prophecy destruction, accuse leaders of evil, repent or die, and the Lord’s about to bring some pain. Normal day. However THIS day the priests, other “prophets” and the people in the courtyard reached their limit. They said, “YOU MUST DIE!” Then they snatched him up and brought him to the officials. Fortunately God was looking out for His boy and had wise people and a friend in the city’s high places. And, Jeremiah was released.

Just imagine yourself all alone amidst these odds; one person facing the murderous intent of more than a handful of people. I would surmise the crowd was in the hundreds because the temple courtyard was a pretty busy place. But Jeremiah showed resolve. He said that he was truly sent by the Lord and spoke His words. They could kill him if they wanted to but they’d have innocent blood on their hands. That’s intestinal fortitude.

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Real Men Are Fighters

http://www.whitchurchandllandaff.co.uk/News Clippings.htm

A real man is a fighter.

He fights… for what’s right, for the people he cares about, for the power of love, against adversity, to make a difference. He fights… for the cause, for answers, for truth, for honor, for justice. He fights fires. He fights apathy. He fights for his life.

He fights in France and he fights on the oceans and the seas. He fights with growing confidence and growing strength. He fights on the beaches and the landing grounds, in the fields, in the streets, and in the hills.

He never surrenders.

The strength of his hands may be required from time to time, but his fight is not physical. He does not fight for bragging rights or to prove someone else wrong. He does not fight for the sake of fighting itself. He does not fight in a fit of rage.

He fights for principles and values. For people, not things. He fights the good fight and though he may be fueled by passion, he’s bridled by experience and tempered with wisdom. He knows that the most powerful weapons in any fight are the ones that no one actually sees him use.

Real men are fighters.

P.S. Fighting in France has nothing to do with being a real man. I just thought this was a good opportunity to paraphrase Winston Churchill.