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The Gift of A Narrator: Faulk’s Christmas Story; Timeless and Perfect


Faulk - Image from NPR via Getty Images.

Dear Red Dirt Chronicles Friends ~

I’m a real sucker for stories, and a friend introduced me this one last year. Told by gifted narrator, John Henry Faulk, NPR plays the story every year.  Recently I’ve been contacted by quite a few people looking for the same Christmas Story Book I wrote about a few weeks back, so I know you can’t re-tell Christmas Stories too many times.

Red Dirt folks are story tellers, and so I knew you would appreciate this one.  Below is the National Public Radio Transcript in full.  However, if you’d rather hear the enchanting voice of Faulk himself, simply click this audio link, sit back, and enjoy.

John Henry Faulk’s Christmas Story

Happy Christmas Week to you,



The gifted storyteller and former radio broadcaster John Henry Faulk recorded his Christmas story in 1974 for the program Voices in the Wind.

Faulk was born to Methodist parents on August 21, 1913. The fourth of five children, he attended the University of Texas. For his master’s thesis, he researched ten sermons in African-American churches and gained insight into the inequity of civil rights for people of color. He later taught English at the University and served as a medic in the Marines during World War II.

Before the John Henry Faulk Show debuted in 1951 on WCBS Radio, Faulk hosted numerous radio programs in New York and New Jersey.

He was blacklisted in 1957, but with support from Edward R. Murrow, won a libel suit against the corporation that branded him a Communist. Faulk’s book, Fear on Trial, published in 1963, chronicles this experience.

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