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Yummy Tailgating Recipe Using the Last of Your Summer Habaneros

Here is my Habanero Pepper plant. As you can see, I need to make a couple of recipes - one for the weekend, and one for the freezer!

I do not like habaneros peppers.  I don’t like to pick them.  I don’t like to can them for habanero pepper jam to spread over cream cheese later in the fall.  I always forget I’ve been handling them and then scratch my nose or rub my eyes; horrific running around in circles ensues: “Argh – my nose! My eyes! Ahhh!” When I’m out picking them I make a mental note, “Use gloves, or go wash your hands immediately.”

I always forget.

So, are we clear?  I don’t like habanero peppers.  What I DO love, though, is a jerk chicken marinade recipe that is so good it even makes me tolerate growing the peppers…really, just for this one recipe.  I give the rest away.  There are people out there who eat them, even raw.  My eyes are watering while I’m typing this entry!

So, this Saturday morning post is to remind you that Jamaican Jerk Chicken can be a hearty AND lower fat item for your outdoor grilling.  And in case you’re trying to use up any extra habaneros left in your garden, even better.

Remember, tomorrow is “Silent Sunday.”  We hope you enjoy our Photographs of the week and our new masthead featuring the Oklahoma State Fair while we take the day off from writing.  We’ll see you back with new essays on Monday.

From the Red Dirt Chronicles Contribution Group to You and Yours…Have a safe, happy and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.


Kelly, Julie, Rob, Mark, Rachel, and our soon to be coming on board or one time contributors

(Click photo to go to “AllRecipes.com” for my favorite Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe)

Jamaican Jerk Chicken for Labor Day Grilling ~~YUM!