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“Your Financial Obligation is to Obey the Speed Limits”

There’s something you should know about me.  I am a very effective driver.

What I mean by “effective” is that I don’t generally speed in vast way, but I always drive at least the speed limit.  I never get tickets, and I haven’t been involved in a wreck since my youthful days.  I turned thirty, and for some reason my need for speed disappeared.  Well, unless I was test driving a really cool car.  And, well, until today.

I’m off work today and one of my tasks was to meet with my doctoral advisor.  We have a laundry list of tasks to complete and I was driving to the university too quickly.  I suppose I just wanted to get to Stillwater, “get ‘er done” and get home.  It’s Thanksgiving Eve, for crying out loud.

Then my husband called while I was en route.  He was headed to the golf course and though he left his prescription eye glasses in my car.  Could I look?

“Oh, sure babe…I’d love too, but right now I’m getting pulled over by the highway patrol.  I’ll call you back.”


I pulled over in an efficient manner.  I unzipped my backpack quickly, immediately found my driver’s license and insurance card, and had both the drivers and passenger windows completely down before the patrolman even reached my car.

As he leaned down, he was met with the sight of my arm fully extended, offering him my identification and promise that I was keeping myself and others protected with insurance.  He looked like he was about to say something so I just jumped in and cut him off.

“It’s completely my fault.  I was speeding.  I’m going to a meeting at the university and I got in a hurry.  I’m very sorry and this is totally a “NO CONTEST” situation.  You’re right, I was wrong.  Here’s all the information you need.”

He hesitated for about 2 seconds.  Then said, “Uh, ma’am, I clocked you going 83 in a 75 zone.”

“I have no doubt that you did. Continue reading “Your Financial Obligation is to Obey the Speed Limits”