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My Little Victory Garden: “The Shadow” Voice is Haunting Me!


Somewhere under this blanket of ice are several new veggie sprouts!

This morning I was awakened at 5:50 a.m. by a text message tone: “Be safe. Get to work when you can. Late is okay. Jeans ok.”

My blurry vision sent the message to my tired brain. This was followed by my body bolting upright and me running into the bathroom to grab my robe. “Get robe, get robe, get robe…okay, get slippers, get slippers, get slippers…”

I was still tying the belt on my bathrobe when I made it to the window in my office and peered outside. Thunder, lightening, rain, snow and sleet. As I identified each type of precipitation coming down at the same time I was thinking, “Cool.” Then I thought, “Oh No! What about my teeny tiny little sprouts?”

I’m pretty sure I have beets and lettuce coming up, and possibly radishes.

Into my head flashed this vision:

I could hear the creepy narrator voice saying, “Who knows what evil lurks beneath the layers of ice? Only the Shadow knows…BWAH-HA-HA-HAAAAAAaaaa!”

I hastily posted a Facebook message (paraphrased): “I sure hope my little sprouts come through this!”

Friends hastily responded: “They’re Okies, they’ll do fine.” And, “They’re safe under the blanket of ice.”

I took a deep breath, sighed, tried to relax. For about 15 seconds… Continue reading My Little Victory Garden: “The Shadow” Voice is Haunting Me!