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Interview With MOM


This is Mother’s Weekend. I’m pausing my new series on addiction to write for Mother’s Day.  I have gone to The Source . . .  Mom. I called my parents phone number in Apache, a very familiar number; it’s been their number for 50 years.

Saturday morning, 7:30am.

Me:  Hi Mom, how are you this morning?

That's My Mom

Mom: Oh, just getting around to help with a funeral dinner.   (followed by a discussion of the community of Apache, friends, and small talk)

Me: Mom, I’m writing my Red Dirt Chronicles article for the weekend and I want to interview you, is that okay?

Mom: Um, well alright, if you need to.

Me: How long have you been a mom?

Mom:  How old are you?

Me: 56

Mom: There ya go, I’ve been a mom for 56 years and 10 days.

Me: How many kids do you have?

Mom: Three.

Me: So, what’s the big deal about being a mom, I mean, what is the blessing?

Mom: Oh wow, there are so many. (pause) You know, I think the best part is just being ‘Momma’. When the kids are little they need you and depend on you. Getting to be Momma and take care of all the little things, that’s a blessing.  Then, when your kids get older there’s just a lot of pride.

Me:  Do you have some special memories? Continue reading Interview With MOM