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Simple Sabbath: Memorial Day – The Good Solidier

 **Originally published June 4th, 2011 ~ wishing you personal reflections this weekend as well.  Peace, and thanks…to all those who gave their lives so I could write this.  RDK


On Memorial Day I reflected. When I was young, I cut my teeth on WWII movies where war was glorified.  John Wayne in The Green Berets made me zealous for militarism.

On Memorial Day I reflected. I remembered the day I learned that war was not the glorified world of the movies.  The very first funeral I ever attended was for a son of Apache.  PFC James McClure was killed on May 2, 1967, the day before my 11th birthday. He was 19.

On Memorial Day I reflected. I recalled the message I had delivered to an over-flow crowd of mourners in the early spring of 2008.  The governor of Oklahoma sat on the front row, along with a very young widow and her toddler son, Gage.  As I stood before the men and women gathered at that funeral, I found myself confronted with the very real issues of honor, duty, courage, and sacrifice that Memorial Day represents.

An Army honor guards carries the casket of Army Staff Sgt. Christopher M. Hake, 26, of Enid, Okla. during funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.. Tuesday April 8, 2008. Hake was killed March 23 by a roadside bomb in Baghdad.

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