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Fido and the Hitching Post

I had just pulled into a parking space at the Walgreen’s in Stillwater when I saw her.  A middle-aged woman in light blue scrubs was approaching the store entrance, coming from the opposite direction.  A gentle, ongoing conversation with her canine companion who walked easily by her side was in progress.

As she passed the entrance, the automatic doors slid open and the dog stole a brief look inside the store.  She encouraged him, however, to continue down the sidewalk a few more feet.  Her companion followed her bid easily, without straining against the leash or pulling toward the entrance.  His body language sent this message: “I’m here, just show me where we’re going.”

The dog’s owner approached the wooden bench outside the store, asked the dog to “sit,” looped his leash around a black iron leg, and patted his head.  The medium-sized white tail began to wag furiously, a pink tongue licked his owner, and with both of her hands on his face, the owner told him she would “be back very soon.”


Swish, swish, swish.  The medium-sized tail wagged against the brick wall as the dog watched his owner walk into the store.  Once she was completely out of sight, he relaxed a bit and began to watch the street scene before him.

I turned off my car which was still idling due to my frequent affliction: “observer distraction syndrome.” Grabbing my purse, I headed into the store as well.  I told the doggie he was “very good” as I walked by and smiled as the tail wagging began again.  I believe that the tail of a dog is somewhat like a mood indicator, in reverse.  A dog’s tail wags and immediately my mood is lifted.  So, perhaps, a mood influencer? Continue reading Fido and the Hitching Post