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The Walls of My Home Have Become My Refrigerator Door

Earlier this week I wrote a post about a whiteboard on my refrigerator. I was surprised to realize that what used to be covered in childhood art created in elementary school or in spontaneous ways at home was no longer there. “The art studio (refrigerator)” is being used for its purpose now, and that’s about it.  I remember just last year sorting through all of Rylee’s school paper piles; we pulled out the neatly stacked and tied piles representing each year…she kept the selections she loved the best, and the rest got recycled.  Rylee is 19 and my eldest is 23.

I realized, however, that with the emerging of the refrigerator door and sides of the appliance (they’re nearly clean now) came the decorating of the walls in my home and made me think of a tall wine cooler.  Both my girls are artists. Rachel studies art in college and Rylee is studying to enter an artistic vocation.  There are samples of their work all over my home.  Here, let me take you on a tour:

This is an image by Rachel I see when I wake up in the morning. It is on my west bedroom wall. The morning light plays with the sketched lines influencing the image to range from dreamy to wistful.

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