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Vulnerable and Human, Kevin Durant is Doing the Happy Dance

Kevin Durant’s Twitter account has been an open window into his emotional soul these past twelve hours.

10:00 p.m., he knows something is going down:

“My thoughts racing, I need to sip some wine to calm them down a lil bit! Suggestions?”

When the news broke, approximately 3:00 a.m.(ish), he’s scared to believe it:

“If this is true I am Bouta go wake my mom n grandma up and put on a suit and thunder hat and cry! Please be true #nbaback”

And then, reality starts to sink in while happiness hits:

“My expression now http://lockerz.com/s/159614750

Finally, not only is he starting to believe the news but an adrenaline wave of an embattled player feeling victory rushes out:

“Mannnn im bouta to get a ratchet tattoo on my ribs that say “survived the nba lockout in 2011”

He was feeling it. We’ve ALL been feeling it, but I think KD deserves to feel the victory just a little more sweetly than most. After all, he hasn’t been just a spokesperson for what he described as a “sickening situation.” He’s been ambassador.

For Kevin Durant, basketball truly never stopped. Case in point? This recently released video sponsored by Nike. A classy way to make a crystal clear point:

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