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On the Horizon—Hire Our Vets

We have a lot of military personnel and vets living in our state. They have given life and limb to serve our country and protect us. I’m very impressed with those who have given up everything to serve. It takes a special person to leave their family and go to sometimes inhospitable places to help keep the peace.

Many people complain about where they are stationed and that we shouldn’t be in certain places. What I can tell you from talking to friends who are vets, they’re exact words are, “we needed to be there.” Here at home we tend to “arm chair quarterback” events in the world and make criticisms about things we really have no idea when in reality, we need to be supportive of the men and women who sacrifice so we can have the freedoms we have.

So how do we show support? Well here in Oklahoma we are making sure that returning vets and even vets who may have served many years ago have an opportunity to find a job. Only fitting since many of them had to give up jobs to go overseas for a few years. In this week’s video blog, we show you just how Oklahoma is helping our hero’s once they return.
Alisa Hines

On the Horizon: There’s a vineyard? Where?

One thing about my job I enjoy is bringing stories to people about places in Oklahoma that most don’t realize are there. Many don’t know that Oklahoma used to have a growing vineyard and wine industry back before statehood and prohibition. But prohibition changed that and the industry died on the vine.

Even with the repeal of prohibition, it still took nearly 40 years for the industry to reemerge into the burgeoning wine industry it is today. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that we even have vineyards in our state. But the Oklahoma Agritourism Department is changing that for the better.

In this week’s blog, we look at how Oklahoma Agritourism is putting Oklahoma’s wine industry on the map. Hopefully it will help interest you into touring an Oklahoma vineyard near you.
Alisa Hines

Oklahoma Wine Trails from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.

On the Horizon: Conservative Cole on Immigration

Most expected Congress to take up immigration reform before they recess to campaign in October. The threat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq has pretty well derailed those hopes. I visited with Conservative Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole about the chances Immigration reform could happen in Congress this Fall. In today’s video blog, listen to what he said.

Rob McClendon

Conservative Cole on Immigration from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.

On the Horizon: Stylin’

There is one person in my life aside from my family, who I trust more than anyone. Of course this person is my hair dresser.

When I first moved to Stillwater from my hometown of Haworth, the thought of switching to a new hair stylist scared me more than being on my own. My freshman year I made a six hour drive every four weeks to get my hair colored and styled by Tonya, the lady who had been doing my hair for as long as I can remember.

One day I took a leap of faith and a friend’s advice, and tried a new, young girl in Stillwater, who just graduated from cosmetology school. Catie was her name, I was anxious, but when I was done and she turned my chair around and a smile filled my face and I immediately became a loyal client of Catie’s.

The relationship you form with your hair dresser is all about trust. Being someone’s client is your way of saying ‘I trust you with my life’ well for a girl it is anyway, because our hair is pretty important to us and that is what Linda Keeton said to Emanuel Perry. The moment I saw the relationship they had between one another I could tell Keeton wasn’t nervous at all. She knew from previous experience that Perry knew exactly what he was doing. While spending the day at Tulsa Technology Center’s Cosmetology Program, I saw the desire and work ethic Perry exhibited, and the way his instructor Sarah Ruleford spoke about him impressed me even more. Perry received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and worked in that industry for two years, but he wanted to expand on his creative talents, and a talent that I believe will take him far in the cosmetology industry. Perry’s life is changing styles.
Courtney Maye

Stylin’ Stylist from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.


On the Horizon: Is It Really That Big a Deal?

I recently went to cover an interim study about drones also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). During the study, much was said about personal security and what needs to be done to make sure that our right to privacy is kept just that…private.

UAVs are here to stay. Get used to it but realize that your privacy may be invaded a little bit but it’s nothing to be worried about. If law enforcement do use a UAV to track a suspect, they may need to fly over your property but they aren’t spying on you or gathering info about you. They are simply following the shortest path to get where they need to be to collect info about someone who is actually breaking the law. This issue was discussed in great detail and when the final law is enacted, you’re privacy will be covered.

In recent days, I’ve read articles about the town in Colorado that wants to shoot down UAVs. That’s a little bit extreme and always makes me wonder, what are they hiding???? Why the paranoia? Does the government really invade our privacy that much? Well if you’re watching the news about the Edward Snowden case and the NSA, good possibility. Maybe the paranoia is a little warranted but I truly believe the government isn’t out to get everyone. They are out to protect us but if you aren’t doing anything wrong, don’t worry about. Maybe I’m naïve but I try to keep an open mind until such time as something happens to me or my family.

What many people don’t realize is the good that UAVs can do. Farmers are beginning to use them to be able to check their cattle and land especially when there is snow and ice on the ground to the point that they can’t get out in vehicles to do so. They can fly over and not be hampered buy the hazardous conditions. Forestry fire divisions are using them to fly over suspect areas to check on fire conditions instead of having to send someone in person into a hazardous situation. Places like Colorado should understand that quite well. In this week’s video blog, we look at the issue of UAVs in our skies.

Alisa Hines

Tactical Electronics Up in the Air from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.