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I’ll Take the Chick But Can I Keep the Rib?

"Adam's Rib" image from "The Brick Testament" website.

I have the privilege and the challenge of teaching Sunday School class to three and four year-old little boys. While I love talking with them about the Bible, my challenge is helping them grasp high-level concepts in ways their little brains can process and remember.

Our lessons this month all focus on the story of Creation. We had lots of fun last Sunday learning about God creating Adam to watch over the land, animals and sea. We learned that God realized Adam needed a companion who was more like him. I had the boys act out the story, first by pretending to mold Adam out of dirt. Then, I asked them to lie down on the carpet as if they were sleeping. I revealed that God put Adam in a deep sleep so he could take one of Adam’s ribs, which he used to create Eve. As they “woke up” I asked the question, “And what do you think Adam said to God about his new companion?” After just a brief pause, my son definitively exclaimed, “Give me back my rib!”

When I recovered from my fits of laughter, I started thinking about Adam’s lost rib. DID he want it back, or did he realize what he’d given up was insignificant compared to what he received in return? Or maybe he didn’t even know anything was amiss. Inquiring minds want to know, I say! Continue reading I’ll Take the Chick But Can I Keep the Rib?