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Abbey Brave and Tall: EPOTM – Peoria, OK

One of the most unjust things I could ever imagine would be to decide whether Abbey or Carolyn Rollins has more grit.
Carolyn, having been in the periphery of baby Abbey’s community life over nine years ago, took her in…first as a foster child, but soon to adoption court.  Although the State had been grateful for her foster parent status, she was denied her petition to adopt because of her age.

But Carolyn didn’t accept that answer.  She appealed, and was eventually granted permission to become Abbey’s mother.


Abbey’s high school-level vocabulary and tender heart are a product of her educational deep dive into her studies at Quapaw schools, mixed with being socialized by a mother who volunteers at their local church food pantry every week.

The day we rolled into Peoria was as gray as clouds could bear. Rain dripped from the rooftops, dogs barked as we cruised by aging houses with bars on their windows.


But as we sat in the wood paneled living room of Carolyn’s trailer, the view was transcendent. Carolyn rocked in her recliner, Abbey sat on the arm rest, and they held hands all the while we were there.

Of this I’m certain: they needed each other, and they are better because of each other. Bless everything about you, Carolyn and Abbey Rollins.


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