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Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch: My RDC T & Me

Last week I was in the dark digging around in my t-shirt drawer, and my hand landed on a shirt that was softer than the rest.  I pulled it out and flipped on the light.  It was my RDC T!  I realized that I had only worn it a handful of times, so I made the commitment to wear it every day of my spring break.  What a week it’s been!

These little egg shakers are fun to play! I'm listening to all of Bryan's CD's so I can be ready to perform next time.

Day One: Saturday night my husband, Greg, and I attended one of Bryan’s (He’s Home) shows at his Farmhouse Studio. It’s always a good time, but this night I discovered egg shakers, and Bryan called me up to the stage to play.  Later I advanced to the tambourine.  Was it the t-shirt that gave me rhythm?  I don’t know for sure, but there is audio of me singing.  The audio will remain locked in a vault, but I am happy to share this picture with my fans.  I mean “fan.”  (me)

Day Two: It’s hard being a rock star.  I woke up with a sore throat and a sore leg (from the tambourine), but a quick glance at the weather report (rain tomorrow) was the signal I needed to get me up and moving.  Armed with a shovel and compost material from my kitchen, I headed to the compost pile to do some turning.  It was cloudy, but the temperature was perfect for my RDC T.  I wondered how I was going to do everything I wanted to do today. Then I got a call.  A parent of one of my 7th grade students called to see if they could come out to see the goats.  The dad chatted with Greg as he worked on the barn, and the mom and three boys were eager to brush and pamper the horses.  The boys left covered in dirt from corn stalk wars and if I was covered in dirt, you’d never know it.  My RDC T is brown.  Perfect.

Three items that are always needed on the ranch: a tool, a bucket, and an RDC T.

Day Three: It was cold and rainy, but I was multi-tasking.  The rain was drenching my compost pile and I was getting my car serviced.  I had chocolate meringue pie  for dinner.  It melted in my mouth.  How did Mrs. Wagner know that my mind and body deserved that melt-in-your-mouth pie and coffee?  My RDC T was hidden under a sweater.  She must have had x-ray eyes.

Day Four: Three girls (okay, four if you count my dog, Mae) and two sets of mattresses made for a nice day and lunch at the local diner.  My RDC T and I were happy to give away a queen mattress to our friend Katherine.  She and her mom brought their full size mattress to exchange and bought us lunch.  I saw even more friends later!  I didn’t let the cold tempt me from not wearing my RDC T.  It looks great with an orange long-sleeved shirt underneath! Continue reading Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch: My RDC T & Me