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One Thousand Blessings – The RDC Sends Out Our 1000th Post

Yesterday when I was sending out my “Starbucks line standing” post, I noticed that we had just hit number “one thousand”… one thousand posts since the RDC was started 2.5 years ago.

1,000 posts, almost 225,000 visits, about 500,000 words and about 18 different contributors over that time period = wow!

I’m not sure how many t-shirts we’ve given away, or how many messages we’ve posted or answered on FB.  I’m not sure how many Tweets have gone out, or how many times the information or essays on our blog have been shared, or ridiculed…we just can’t know.

What we can know, however, is that the mission of the RDC – – to write about Oklahoma culture – – is made better because of you.

Thanks readers and our RDC community.  Even when we’ve waxed and waned with family commitment, school, failed experiments, and sometimes just really cool stories, we have always appreciated you.

Take care –

Red Dirt Kelly, and the RDC Contributor Team from day one until now