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EPOTM Dam Run, Stop 2: Strang – View from the Bridge

This video is the second in our Dam Run series completely shot, edited and produced by April Kirby.  All photos were shot by Rachel J Apple.


Every Point on the Map has never been as much about the towns in which people live, as it is about the people who live in the towns.

Our time with the Fleming family of Strang wholly exemplifies this philosophy. Their living room environment was intimate, warm, and thoughtful; bursts of occasional laughter were a delight.

The cloudy overcast day, however, seemed to temper the municipality’s mood as we traversed the diminishing town proper four or five times.  I struggled while absorbing what remains of a formerly vibrant area through our car window vantage point.  Strang seems as if “the town” somehow vanished mysteriously, while a random sampling of people remained – still connected to each other, but without a sustaining economy to support their lives. Continue reading EPOTM Dam Run, Stop 2: Strang – View from the Bridge