Christ Church College Entrance, Oxford, England - 2010. Photo by Red Dirt Kelly.

Some people love to travel.  Others like to travel from one room of their house to another, or perhaps down to the post office and call it good.

Regardless of the scope, depth, speed, intensity or rhythm of travel that best fits you, The Red Dirt Chronicles (RDC) is here to enhance the Explorer in you.

We’ll put travel notices, ideas or certain links on this page from time to time we think might be helpful…and our writers will cover the stories “from whence they’ve been, and to where they might be venturing.”

If you can’t go along in person, we hope you allow our stories to take you along in your mind…happy trails!

Find all our RDC travel essays here.

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Rain forest - Ecuador, 2010. Photo by Rachel Roberts.

In addition to our travel related essays, we suggest you also check out the guest travel blogger, Quentin Bomgardner and his “Cross Border Excursions” series: Okies in Ecuador.

Included are photographs and videos in and around Quito, a local market and several nights in an environmentally friendly lodge deep in the Amazon.



2 thoughts on “Travel”

  1. How bizzar that you feature a photograph from Oxford (my home town) on your blog’s opening travel page. Perhaps you are right about ‘kindred spirits’?

    1. MrG, Well now I’m convinced. If I could have put all of Oxford in a bottle and taken it home with me, I’m convinced it would have been the essence of happy memories, cobblestone thoughts, and warm cups of tea among the cathedrals in my mind that I would drink – one drop at a time, for as many days as it would take me to return again. Blessings to you and your city…it’s a good one. And I sense that you are too. RDK

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