Counting My Sports Blessings

All of us should count our blessings everyday, but this time of year, we all put a little more thought into what we’re thankful for.  Family, friends, and turkey are the obvious choices.  Even though there are few things I like more than a plump, juicy bird on my table, I don’t know what I would do without sports.

So, to get you ready for the week ahead, I present to you 101 things that bring me happiness in the wonderful world of sports.

I am thankful for…

  1. Football on Thanksgiving
  2. Being able to watch Sportscenter on a loop every morning
  3. Whoever invented fantasy football
  4. Every time I see a game live
  5. The NHL playoffs
  6. An entire channel devoted to nothing but tennis
  7. The voice of Mike Shannon on the Cardinals’ radio network
  8. Rivalries in any sport
  9. March madness
  10. Winning the March madness office pool
  11. A summer evening at the ballpark with a hotdog in one hand and a cold beer in the other
  12. Throwback uniforms
  13. Any sport in HD
  14. College football’s overtime rules
  15. Players who are willing to bunt and know how to do it
  16. Those picture perfect azaleas at Amen Corner at Augusta
  17. Olympic hockey
  18. Cheerleaders
  19. The Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders
  20. Televised bass fishing tournaments
  21. Playing ping-pong in the garage
  22. Useless sports trivia
  23. Bedlam (can’t wait til next week!)
  24. High school football in small town Oklahoma
  25. The NBA in OKC
  26. Picking up my spares in bowling
  27. Sports talk radio
  28. True fans of anything
  29. College football’s regular season
  30. Wiffle ball home run derby on the 4th of July
  31. Classic sports movies
  32. Drug testing
  33. Whatever technology that allows me to get scores on my phone
  34. Instant replay
  35. Hail Mary’s
  36. A pick six
  37. OU/Texas weekend
  38. Memories of street hockey with my brother
  39. Media hospitality
  40. Coaches who don’t speak in clichés
  41. A Sampras/Agassi match in a grand slam final
  42. The chance to kiss the Stanley Cup (maybe the greatest sports moment of my life)
  43. Drives that bounce off trees and into the fairway
  44. The fulfillment from coaching kids
  45. Kids who listen
  46. Shooting hoops with my dad
  47. Bass Pro Shops
  48. The World Cup
  49. Collisions at home plate
  50. College football fight songs and traditions
  51. Historic arenas that still exist
  52. Goal line stands
  53. Every coach I’ve ever had
  54. My slice backhand
  55. British soccer announcers
  56. The way the grass looks on the first day of Wimbledon
  57. Buzzer beaters
  58. The intensity of racquetball
  59. First round byes
  60. Rally caps
  61. Getting up and down for par
  62. Fighting in hockey
  63. Pre-game flyovers by F-16’s
  64. The swish sound of a perfect free throw
  65. Jumbotrons
  66. Fishing in farm ponds
  67. Great glove saves
  68. Super Bowl commercials
  69. Sports bars
  70. Rational, reasonable fans
  71. Anyone working security at a sporting event
  72. John McEnroe
  73. Football played on real grass
  74. The years spent waiting for a championship
  75. Girls who love football
  76. Girls who love hockey
  77. Creative team nicknames (Wampus Cats, Banana Slugs, Ironheads, etc.)
  78. Going to early church service when my team kicks off at noon
  79. Sports memorabilia
  80. Rookie cards
  81. Ice cream in a mini baseball helmet
  82. Don Cherry
  83. 4th quarter comebacks
  84. Players loyal to one team
  85. A well executed Gatorade shower
  86. Microphones and cameras in locker rooms
  87. Statistics
  88. The chance to witness history
  89. Hall of Fames
  90. Sports debates
  91. Roger Federer
  92. Athletes who are role models (Albert Pujols, Drew Brees)
  93. Classic soundbites (“Playoffs?” “We talkin’ bout practice.” “You play to win the game!”)
  94. Tying on a brand new crankbait
  95. Cable sports networks
  96. The NFL Red Zone channel
  97. The chance to birdie anywhere
  98. David Feherty
  99. Nerf football on a crisp fall day
  100. Singing the national anthem
  101. The brave men and women in uniform who allow me and sports fans across the country the freedom to go to games, gather around the TV with friends, and be the kind of fans that only exist in America.  Thank you to all of our veterans and soldiers who gave up so much, so we can have so much to be thankful for this week.  May God continue to bless you and your families this holiday season!



One thought on “Counting My Sports Blessings”

  1. Great list! Thought I would add a few of my own.
    I am thankful for…
    1. A wife that can throw a football/baseball
    2. A wife that likes watching college football/basketball
    3. Playing tennis with my brother
    4. Intramural sports
    5. Sliding into the perfect shot on a red clay court
    I think you covered just about everything else. We should play some street hockey during Thanksgiving! See you soon.

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