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Maturity? That’s Asking A Lot!

It’s depressing to write this, but I will turn 30 later this year.

You would think at this point in my life, I’d be past the all the irrational behavior associated with one of my sports teams losing.  You would think I’d leave behind the rage, the despondent face, and the shutdown of all normal neuron activity.  You would think I could count to ten, take a deep breath, or at the very least keep some perspective.  You’d be wrong.

Three full decades into life and I can’t keep myself from reverting back to child-like behavior when I’m met with massive sports disappointment.

It's like looking in the mirror. (courtesy cdn.bleacherreport.net)

The other night my hockey team, the Calgary Flames, was officially eliminated from playoff contention.  As I sat there watching the game online, I began muttering to myself incessantly.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I was alone, because my soliloquies weren’t exactly meant for the ears of children.  I know that’s awful.  I know it is, but it was like a reflex.  As the night went on, and it became increasingly clear that my team would be making tee times, my anger turned to sadness.  I took off my t-shirt with the team insignia emblazoned across the chest and folded it neatly while whispering, “So close. I just want one more game.”  When times are desperate I’ve also been known to don a hard hat with my team’s logo and the inscription: Hardest Working Fan. (There’s nothing more mature than a grown man sitting alone, wearing a hard hat, wallowing in self-pity).  I slid the hard hat back onto a shelf, and then proceeded to check the standings over and over and over again.  I stared at the point totals like a mathematical equation I just couldn’t solve.  I let out a long sigh, and then said, “Thanks for a good run boys.”  I said that out loud as if I was in their locker room expecting one of the players to embrace me.  In the moment, none of this lunacy seemed odd or weird or the least bit desperate.  But it is!  I know it, and I still can’t stop it!

Of course I had my share of temper tantrums as a kid.  On Thanksgiving Day in 1993, Leon Lett decided to ruin my life by fumbling a ball in the snow to set up a Dolphin’s game winning field goal.  With my Cowboys defeated, I was inconsolable.  I ran to my room, sobbing, and refused to come out for hours.  I wasn’t just crying, I was wailing.  I remember shaking and seething in my bed just as vividly as I remember the look on my parents faces.  You know that, we’re-mortified-by-this-and-no-longer-proud-of-you look?  Yep, that’s the one.  Sure it was embarrassing, but in my defense I was just a kid.

Now fast forward to the present day.  Has my maturity level evolved?  Recent events point to no.

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A Fan’s Manifesto – Winning Cures All

Al Davis' motto is all this fan is asking of his teams (courtesy footballnewsnow.com)

Just win baby.

The famous motto of Oakland Raiders’ owner Al Davis is somewhat ironic considering the Raiders do everything but win.  However, those three little words perfectly describe how almost every American sports fan feels about his or her team.

I am a fan just like you and frankly, I’m sick and tired of the expectations that are placed on me.  I don’t need to hear another coach, player, owner, executive, or media member call me out for not being supportive.  Here’s how this works: You (the team) create a successful product, and then I show up.  I’m not going to show up if there’s nothing in it for me.  Selfish?  You betcha.  Wrong?  Nope.

There’s no way athletic directors Joe Castiglione and Mike Holder enjoy seeing thousands of empty seats at Lloyd Noble and Gallagher-Iba, but the fan is the last person I’m going to blame for those arenas looking no better than junior high gyms.  Nobody is expecting Oklahoma to turn into a basketball crazed state anytime soon.  That being said, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the Sooners and Cowboys to make the NCAA tournament four out of every five seasons.  These are schools with a decent amount of basketball tradition.  They are big-time universities with big bucks coming from big boosters trying to get into a tournament that’s anything but exclusive.  If Jeff Capel and Travis Ford can’t give me something to look forward to, then why should I pay through the nose to watch a team hoping to sneak into the NIT?

Good economy or down economy, fan dollars are stretched thin.  If I have to pick and choose carefully, why am I going to pick a loser?  Some claim the Thunder is taking dollars away from the college basketball teams in this state.  I think that’s right, but it’s not because of over saturation in the market.  One team is on the rise and sells out; the other teams flounder around .500 and hear crickets during home games.  Fans will go see a winning product, period.

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A Conscientous Objection to Fantasy Football

Each year I get at least two or three invites to participate in some new Fantasy Football league that’s just popped up. When I don’t sign-up, the question always comes up, “Why didn’t you join the Fantasy Football league?” My answer: I hate Fantasy Football. Loathe it. Not because of what it is, but because of what it does to so many otherwise intelligent and rational people. I liken it to heroine as it turns normal dudes into crazy-eyed, stat geeks who at some point inevitably cross the line into the realm of the one unforgivable sin of football fandom: cheering for an arch-rival because you need the points. It’s like being a University of Oklahoma fan rooting for Texas to score in the Red River Shootout because roommates Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley happen to be on your Fantasy Football team.

OK. Enough with the intro. Here’s my list of 10 reasons why I am a Fantasy Football conscientious objector.

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Counting My Sports Blessings

All of us should count our blessings everyday, but this time of year, we all put a little more thought into what we’re thankful for.  Family, friends, and turkey are the obvious choices.  Even though there are few things I like more than a plump, juicy bird on my table, I don’t know what I would do without sports.

So, to get you ready for the week ahead, I present to you 101 things that bring me happiness in the wonderful world of sports.

I am thankful for…

  1. Football on Thanksgiving
  2. Being able to watch Sportscenter on a loop every morning
  3. Whoever invented fantasy football
  4. Every time I see a game live
  5. The NHL playoffs
  6. An entire channel devoted to nothing but tennis
  7. The voice of Mike Shannon on the Cardinals’ radio network
  8. Rivalries in any sport
  9. March madness
  10. Winning the March madness office pool
  11. A summer evening at the ballpark with a hotdog in one hand and a cold beer in the other
  12. Throwback uniforms
  13. Any sport in HD
  14. College football’s overtime rules Continue reading Counting My Sports Blessings