Forty Days in the UK Flashback: An All-In-One Guide

This past summer I left my beloved state and visited a foreign land.  The primary purpose was to take courses with a group of students from the University of Oklahoma School of Law in Oxford.  However, I combined other parts of the trip with my regular marital policy work at OSU, and took a few days vacation to visit distant relatives I had never met.  The trip was one of the best experiences of my life and greatly nurtured the Explorer within me.  I’ve been working on cleaning up all the photograph links that somehow deteriorated during our move to the new site.  During this process, I decided to put this guidepost up so if anyone would ever like to revisit the journey through my “40 Days in the UK,” they could do it all from one location.


Days 1-3 40 Days in the UK: Lifelong Okie Takes on Oxford

Days 4-6: So Much Information!

Days 7-10: Getting Down to Business

Day ‘Leven: Lovely Legal Tour of London

Day 12: Housekeeping Literally and Figuratively

Days 13-15: My Brain Has Rewired, I Can Only Hear in British

Day 16: Bicycles Rule, Cars Slobber Just A Little Bit

Day 17: Jonathan L. Black-Branch, European Union Law & My True Confession

Days 18-20: Fight as Though You Were Defending the Very Gates of Paradise

Day 21: Crop Circles, Stretch Pants, and Getting Knocked Up is a Good Thing?

Day 22: If I Go Missing, Check the Line at the Post Office and The Man Who Tucks His Pants Into His Socks

Day 23: Harry Potter Served Me Soup

Day 24: It Rained in Oxford and in my Soul – Eulogy for Joe E. Skimo

Day 25: Song Time and Inspiration for Aslan

Day 26: Know When to Hold ‘Em and When to Fold ‘Em, and The Wall

Day 27: An Advert Equally as Cool as Toy Story

Day 28: It Was So Loud I Couldn’t Hear Myself Praying

Day 29: Inside Ben’s Head

Day 30: Bella Conversacion’, Beautiful Conversation

Day 31: Elderly People, Elephant Men, Foraging in England and the Maze

Day 32: Well Done vs. Congratulations! (OSU vs. Oxford) Graduation Comparison

Day 33: God Created my DNA and He Reminded Me of This in St. Mary’s Cathedral

Day 34: The Mean Girls Guide to Oxford Tourist Identification, Part 1

Day 35: The Mean Girls Guide to Oxford Tourist Identification, Part 2

Day 36: My Favorite Stroll

Day 37: Reckoning Day and the Brasenose Library Kitty

Day 38: Reckoning Day and The Amsterdam Field Manual on Effective Exam Preparation Avoidance

Day 39: Sniff, Swirl, Sip, Swish, Swallow, Breathe, Analyze.

Day 40 In the UK Brings Me Home



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