Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Running Through the Ribbons

Our wedding day....December 12, 1997.

When it comes to gifts, my husband has it pretty easy.  Even though I have received a few pieces of beautiful jewelry over the years, I don’t require these expensive gestures like some women do.  I got an upgraded wedding ring on our ten year anniversary.  It gets stuck in the fingers of my work gloves and it’s kind of annoying.   I prefer a card and/or  some quality time.  I already know that every day comes with its own gifts, and it’s up to me to “untie the ribbons”  (~Ruth Ann Schabacke).  Man, is this guy lucky, or what?

We had only lived in the country for three weeks when our seven-year wedding anniversary weekend began.  In our typical style, we decided to forgo “gifts”  (we were starting plans to build an entire house, after all), and we opted to go out to eat.  There were three restaurants from which to choose…

Four if you count the Subway at the Tiger Mart.  We chose the tiny, brightly lit pizza restaurant behind the Super 8 and The Dollar Store.  It was the closest.

At the restaurant, I folded up a paper napkin from the dispenser to level out the table in the otherwise empty room.  My husband, amazed beer was on the menu, ordered a pitcher.  We enjoyed a barbeque pizza and each other’s company under the oddly bright florescent lights.  The bill, including a 50% tip, came to $22.00.  I think I saw the waitress shed a tear when we left.  She had never received a tip as long as she’d worked there.

This weekend marks our thirteenth wedding anniversary.  Our celebration began early when my husband brought home his kids’ six-month-old Pit Bull, June, for us to keep over the weekend.  Don’t  see any gifts?  Check again.

Mae and June look really sweet here. They DO have their moments.

June, the Pit Bull, was a gift to the kids from their neighborhood when they lost their first pet, Sierra, in a house fire last June…such a thoughtful gesture in the wake of a terrible tragedy.  June and our dog, Mae, are great playmates.

Mitchell, Christin, and Melissa are Greg’s children who were gifted to me when we married.   I cannot imagine my life our life together without them.

We woke up today healthy and happy with endless possibilities of how to spend our day. Greg has decided to sleep in until 7AM.

On my way to the coffeemaker, I realized I had to wade through piles of ribbons.   I think I’ll leave them on the floor all weekend.



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