Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Some People Just Don’t Get It

In the ‘80’s, I saw millions of lights transform Ski Island in Oklahoma City into what I thought was the most spectacular light show I had ever seen.   I remember waiting in line behind hundreds of cars while people snapped photos of the lights reflecting off the water.

In 1993 I saw first hand how my childhood park, Shannon Springs Park in Chickasha, Oklahoma, was transformed into the Festival of Light.  I had to walk through that park to catch the school bus when I was a kid.  I remember city workers with guns shooting water moccasins after a major rain and kids fishing off the white bridge.  To see it enhanced with millions of lights was truly spectacular.

These two communities clearly get it.

The year I moved to the country I was amazed at how many people along the 30 miles of highway decorated their homes with outside lights.  It was nothing like the light displays I had seen in the past, but somehow the simple lights that outlined a barn or front door against a completely black night void of street lights or business neon signs made me smile.

Thanks to Payton, this inspiring (NOT) use of Christmas lights was captured on camera. Man she's fast with a phone camera.

Last week, however, I encountered a display I had never seen before.  Up ahead in the right lane of traffic… just a hint of multicolored lights.  I sped ahead weaving in and out of cars to get a closer look.  It was a pick up, not so unusual around here, but with a pool noodle attached to the front antenna.  A single strand of c7 or c9 lights was duct-taped to the noodle.  Luckily, I had a photographer with me to catch this rarity on camera.

This guy does NOT get it.

In the time it took for me to get from one end of the small town to the other, I had analyzed this spectacle to death.  I asked every question from “How?” to “Why?” until I came upon another display that brought me back to the simplicity of the country.  Two little lights up above to illuminate one of the single most creative displays I have ever seen.  Thank you Chickasaw Electric for reminding me that without your services, no Christmas lights would be possible…. Out here.

Santa on electric pole
Thank you friends at Chickasaw Electric Coop for your creativity.




3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Some People Just Don’t Get It”

  1. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your wonderful story about your son Kyle and Santa Claus. It brought back warm memories of my childhood and the wonderful experiences my wife and I had with our two girls at Christmas. I’ll never forget the day that I found out there was no Santa. I wish I could tell you that I was so smart and clever that I discovered that Santa was really my parents desire to express to their children the importance of selfless giving that Santa Claus demonstrates to millions of children each year. That’s not the case. I was the oldest of 5 children, who still believed in Santa when I was 9 years old. That unforgettable day in December, I was very upset because my Mother had told me that my recent poor behavior placed me on Santa’s “naughty boy” list. That meant I was in serious jeopardy of not receiving ANY gifts from Santa. My Mom had decided that her 4th grade son could not go to school that morning upset because he believed that Santa Claus had left me off his Christmas list. Mom sat me down and explained to me the truth about Santa. She told me that my Dad and she played the roll of Santa just like their parents had done for them. Once I had recovered from the disappointment of no ‘real Santa’, I then realized I was in better shape concerning my receiving gifts under the tree than I had first thought. The next words out of my mouth naturally were “so Mom, does this mean that the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy aren’t real either?”

    However, the biggest surprise of all came later that morning. I remember how excited I was to get to school with the plan to enlighten my two best friends that Santa Claus was not real. The real shock to me came after sharing one of the best kept secrets of all time with my buddies. I sure did not expect to hear that they both had known the truth about Santa since the 2nd grade. WOW what a memorable morning, but only one of many concerning the miracles of Christmas!

  2. Julie,
    My daughter has taken friends back to Chickasha to see the Festival of Lights for several years. She loads up several friends and makes the drive from Lewisville, Texas to Chickasha, Oklahoma to show them what lights are all about.

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