Silent Sunday: 12/19/10 ~ Tulsa Town, by Vlad Railian

This morning our Silent Sunday post is completely focused on Tulsa.  Because quite a few of our contributors live in central Oklahoma, we want to make sure and let Tulsa know they are in our hearts as well.  All images have been provided by Vlad Railian, an amateur photographer from the Tulsa area.  We’re certainly glad you’re living in Tulsa Town, Vlad…and for showing us some of what your city has to offer.  One final note, the LED photos aren’t necessarily “Tulsa,” per se – I just liked them and thought they might be appreciated as Christmas lights with a twist. ~ RDK

Rhema Building

St. Francis (backdrop - St. Francis Hospital) and Fountain
Faberge Egg
Red LED fiber-optic lights
Blue LED fiber-optic lights
...In previous years...

Tulsa Skyline ~ Thanks, Vlad, for our Tulsa trip.

To visit Vlad’s Flickr portfolio, please click here.



3 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: 12/19/10 ~ Tulsa Town, by Vlad Railian”

    1. Hi, Amy – I think “no.” The article you posted is about “Little Rhema,” which looks to be a house in Broken Arrow – not the same as Rhema Bible College. I think they are just calling it Little Rhema because it’s decorated so much, sort of in the spirit of Rhema B.C. Here’s an actual about Rhema switching their whole display to LED. If you’ve not driven through it before, I would definitely recommend it!

  1. I have lived in OKC all of my life and when i was little, going to Tulsa always seemed sort of magical. (They have hills! And green, green trees! :-)) It really is beautiful at Christmas. These are really lovely photos of a city that is a bit misunderstood by a lot of people in this country. I think i feel another road trip coming on! 🙂

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