Silent Sunday: 1/30/11 ~ What I Think But Do Not Say

Out loud: Grandma - "Oh, I need to buckle my seat belt!" In my head: "Yes you do, Grandma. I want you to be safe and sound for all the weddings and family events possible. Make sure it's latched...we love you."
Out loud: "Do you want to take a photo of the table before we serve everyone?" Me out loud: "Yes, great idea. I'm on it!" Me in my head: "Do you have any idea how much I appreciate you all right now? Your table is beautiful and you got her a Raspberries n' Creme cake, even though they're expensive. You're melting my heart right now."

Me out loud: "And this is my mom, Gwendolyn. By the way, mom, I really like your 'G' pin." Her out loud: "I really like it too! Kenny got it for me in 1959 while on his senior trip. (beaming smile)" Me to myself: "She loves my dad so much...don't cry. Don't cry. Crap - I'm going to cry!" (p.s. fighting it right now while I'm typing this)
Them out loud: Not much - they talk amongst themselves quietly and smile. They help if needed, they sit quietly by. Me in my head: This is why I love you all, my dear church family friends. Because that's what you do. You didn't make it all about you today, you just came and supported my daughter at her shower. Two of you gave me my baby shower when my daughter, who is now getting married, was born. Every time I walk in church you're there. You are one of the most consistent things in my inconsistent life I've ever had. I love you all very much.
Out loud: (her mom) "This is what our whole family photo album looks like. Weird faces...the whole lot of 'em." Me in my head: "I depend on weird faces from Danni and I'm so glad that in the middle of things like this, she can make me smile. I love you Danni, and don't know what our life would be without you around."
What people might see: A pitcher of green jasmine tea sitting by a tray of circa 1975 punch cups on a tray. What I see: Our dear hostesses being willing to honor Rachel's beliefs by not serving food and drink on throw-away dishes. Thank you, hostesses, for being so willing to honor my daughter.
What they said: "(stuff about life, stuff about their work, stuff about Jaime's goings-on, stuff about what they'll be doing tomorrow." What I said in my head: "Thank you, a million times, for taking a moment of time out to give Rachel a shower. Do you know that Time is my love language?"
What she said: "Wow, look at this gift. Do you know why we registered for these? I love these! Thank you all very much. Me and my bridesmaids, this or that..." What I was thinking: "When you're sitting in the 'Story Telling Chair' in my friend's living room with the light coming in the window behind you, you tug on every heart string and emotion I have in my head and my heart. I love you, sweetheart, and wish you the best possible wedding and life. You look great in your party dress, your hair is precious and you look genuinely happy. I'm so glad."
What we said: "Hey you doing all right? Me too. I think things are going pretty well. Yeah, next week's party might be pretty big, we'll talk about that soon." What I was thinking: "Thank you, future mother-in-law to my daughter, for coming today and bringing your mom. Thanks for being a part of this event and sharing it with us. They're going to be fine...they've dated for six and one-half years, and they've basically grown up together. Let's celebrate this good time!" (she might have been thinking the same thing!)
What I said was: Nothing, I was just watching them have fun. What I was thinking: "I don't know what I would have done in my life without my friends and my brother. I'm glad, Rach, that your sister (Rylee on left) and friend (Rochelle on the right) are by your side. That's not just literal...they'll be by your side, I believe, for the rest of your life." note - dang blurry photo!...
What they said was: "(talk, talk, laugh, laugh, see ya later...okay, bye)." What I was thinking was: "I'm glad my Aunt Virgina (on the left) has my mom for a friend (on the right) because she told me earlier today that February 3rd is a really hard time for her, and that's next week. That's when her son died almost two years ago. We'll get you through that, Aunt Virginia, we're thinking about you and we love you guys."

What I saw was: Drew came in around 12:30 to help load up the gifts. What I thought was: "There is no gift like the lavish friendship we have from our church family, friends and real family. I'm glad these will help them get started out in their life, but I know what will get them through the rough times...and it won't be something with Kitchen Aid on the label."



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  1. I tried to take that darn picture of Rochelle and Rylee 3 times & kept getting blurs… I gave up. Lo Siento.
    Also, you made me tear up. I’m so happy to have you & your family & all of the wonderful ladies at this event in my life!!

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