Meanwhile, Back at The Ranch: The Mother of All Garden Tools

Garden Tool
This little tool saves hours in the garden, so I can spend hours away from it.

It’s been said that the right tool makes every job easier.  I say, that, my friend, is a fact.

I spent many hours on Mother’s Day relocating my last year’s garden.  I discovered that mowing around it was a problem, so this year we decided to make a few adjustments.  Creating a new garden is easy enough, however, filling in the former garden spot with grass (not weeds) can be tough.  I had been working diligently relocating Bermuda grass when I remembered a garden tool I bought a couple of summers ago.

My husband calls this the “Weed Twister.”  It was purchased  because I refused to use weed killer in my yard.  We had finally begun to see some grass growing on our property, but it was accompanied by a monster weed that was virtually impossible to dig up.  I was spending ten or fifteen minutes digging up each weed.  I was not getting very far.  This tool helps get the job done.  The key is the claw at the bottom.  The claw is attached to a long pole so the gardener does not have to continuously bend over.  Simply stand over the weed, pound the tool into the ground over the weed, and twist. Do it again.  That should loosen it enough to get even the toughest weed out of the ground.

This is the weed that plagued my yard for three years.
This is the weed that plagued my yard for three years.

I figured if “The Claw” could dig up a giant weed, it could certainly help me transplant some Bermuda grass. I used it to dig up the unwanted Bermuda grass from my new garden and also used it to till small areas in my former garden to receive the grass.  I also found it useful for breaking up the compost (from our own pile) to add to the new garden.  This tool saved the day.  I was able to finish the job quickly, so I could spend the rest of the day with my family.


Do you have a favorite tool that you use in your garden?  Let us know about it, so we can add it to our collection!


My yard is almost weed-free without the use of chemicals.
My yard is almost weed-free without the use of harsh chemicals...thanks to the "Weed Twister."