Silent Sunday: Mother’s Day, 2011


This wide angle shot is of my mother, my brother and I working in what appears to be a flower bed on the west side of our home, circa late 60s. Days like this probably encouraged me to like flowers. Thanks, mom. I do indeed like flowers.
This is my first born when she was four or five years old. When she was born (May 3, 1987), her bilirubin tests were showing very high results so we had to take her back to the hospital every day to get a blood test. I felt helpless as I held her screaming little body while they drew blood from her tiny foot. The first day we DIDN’T have to go to the hospital? Mother’s Day of that year. What a gift! I chose this photo because my eldest listens and watches everything, and when I look at this shot it encapsulates those observational and analytical qualities she has.

This photo is of my mother (on the left), my eldest bending over the hospital bed, and me. My youngest had just been born and I got to take a breather for a few minutes. My mother is good at empathizing and saying “doggone-it” and stuff like that. I can tell she’s making sure my eldest is okay with the whole hospital scene by attending to her while we talk. This was November 15, 1991, the birth date of my second child.
And here is a shot I love of my second child. I can almost hear her squeels as she embraces the wind, the waves and the speed of the boat while she hangs on and has fun. This photo encapsulates strong qualities in her: joy, adventure, going with the flow. I showed her this photo last night and she wants to recaputure it now that she’s 19. Of course.

This Mother’s Day as I took my dog for a run I breathed deeply the smell of wild honeysuckle growing and twisting around the trees as I passed.  What a way to start the Day.  I hope you and your family have some special times today, or have a few special memories from which to draw on for today.  We’d love to hear any special Mother’s Day stories, memories, anecdotes or quotes you have to share.  Just click on the “comments” section and type away!





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  1. Kelly, what a wonderful trip down memory lane! The love of flowers began with your grandmothers, Grandma Routh, Grandma Yates, myself, and now you. Thanks for posting it. Mom B.

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