Pint Night: From McNellie’s The Abner in Norman

So, every Monday night at McNellie’s The Abner in Norman is Pint Night. Good golly gosh, I love Pint Night.  The deal is, you go and buy the featured beer of the night, and you get to keep the glass that is made for that beer.

This first picture is of our kitchen cabinet:

The middle cabinet that is stacked and packed full of glasses is our beer glass shelf…and every single one of those glasses came from pint night.  The next picture is a high up shelf where we keep the too-tall pint glasses, or the extra fancy ones that are more fragile (like a Warsteiner Dunkel special edition Christmas glass with a hand blown glass ornament at the bottom):

And the NEXT picture is of probably my all time favorite pint night glass:

It is not, in fact, just a pint.  That Spaten glass holds a liter of beer (almost 2.25 pints) and it is heavy duty. Sidebar – that is Drew’s (my husband) favorite glass to wash because he hand-washes all our dishes as we have no dishwasher (I’ll be surprising him with a Midea mini dishwasher next month).  He says that it ‘has good balance and the weight is nicely distributed.’  (Little smirk at his geeky-ness.)

I guess I should skip back and introduce myself properly.  I am Rachel Jordan Apple, “Red Dirt Racie (pronounced: rass-ee),” RDK’s eldest, esquire.  I am 24, STILL a college student working tediously on my undergrad, and recently married to probably the best man in the whole entire world.
One thing Drew and I have really grown to appreciate in the last year and a half or so since he has turned 21 is beer. OH my goodness we have learned a lot about beer – about the flavors, brewers, styles, and everything in-between; even so far as to take a beer and cheese pairing class that The Aber offered in conjunction with Forward Foods.
McNellie’s opened the Norman branch, “The Abner,” last March and we were thrilled because to my knowledge they are the only true pub in the Norman area and offer a huge and always rotating selection of great (and not so great, they don’t discriminate) beers including many locals such as COOP, Choc, Battered Boar, and most recently Red Bud.
So back to pint night.  Last night’s pint was a fairly well known Belgian White Ale called Hoegaarden and cost $5.50 for the beer and glass.  The beer itself is not so great according my my own personal tastes, but the glasses we got are wonderful! We decided that they will be perfect iced tea or lemonade glasses for this upcoming summer.  They are sturdy glasses that are made with a shorter body and wider mouth to enhance your drinking of this white ale.
In my opinion not just a whole lot could enhance it except maybe The Abner’s stellar chips and fresh salsa.  After we finished with the Hoegaarden I noticed a new and very cheep beer on the list and decided to treat myself to a $2.50 7oz Little Kings cream ale.  It pretty much won the night for me, not because it was an amazing beer, but because drinking out of that cute little bottle just made my night!
~ Rachel Jordan Apple
aka, Red Dirt Racie



3 thoughts on “Pint Night: From McNellie’s The Abner in Norman”

  1. Hoegaarden is a very serviceable Belgian “witbier” (my fav beer style). For fun, next time you are at McNellie’s, line up a Blue Moon (made by Coors), a Hoegaarden, and a Celis White and compare. Nuthin’ beats a cold white on a hot summer day, IMO. My favorite white is made by New Belgium Brewery in Colorado. Alas, we cannot buy it here in Oklahoma.
    Little Kings! We used to drink that in high school–senior year, of course 😉
    Next, you’ll be moving on to wide mouth Mickey’s! Thanks for the review–please ask them to open their next pub in StillH2O 😀

  2. Rach and Drew have become very beer knowledgeable. Not to
    mention that I’m very jealous of their glass collection.

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