Stockyards City Cookbook Cook-Through: No sun? Warm up with some cheesy soup!

Its that time of year. Do you put the space heaters and electric blankets up yet or wait until June?! My friends and I say all the time “Only in Oklahoma…” will you have the air and heat on all in the same day. I’m quite sure there are more places that have the same issues, but its something to laugh about!

I have to admit I have not been cooking much lately. Its hard to have motivation some days to cook for just one after being on your feet all day at work. I justify my microwave “cooking” by saying that one day I will not be able to eat Lean Cuisines and cereal every night. The Stockyards City Cookbook definitely has plenty of amazing recipes to cure the cereal kick!

Since it was dreary and cool today I decided to go with the Cheesy Chicken Soup. This soup is hearty and easy to make.


Cheesy Chicken Soup
By Kim Stewart

2 cans lowfat cream of chicken soup
1 can lowfat cream of mushroom soup
2 chicken breasts cooked & shredded (I boiled mine)
2-3 cans water (2 was enough)
1 can Rotel (I used Spicy, it was yummy)
2-lb. block of light Velveeta cheese
1 chicken bouillon cube

Mix all ingredients. Soften Velveeta in microwave-add to mixture. Heat and serve with or over tortilla chips. (see photo)



The tortilla chips definitely added some texture to the mix and completed the meal! Enjoy!

Happy Cooking