Binary Equations? I Prefer Thirtywonderfulflavors…

Zero, or one? Yes, or no? Positive, or negative? Up, or down? Black, or white, or filled with shades of gray?

Americans, much less Oklahomans, probably prefer more choice. I know that I do.

Today both started and ended with multiple option choices. But not in the middle.

At the end: a trip out for frozen yogurt with two of my favorite young ladies, one my Frau, the other our oldest child/frauline. One of us had peanut butter and chocolate. One of us had pineapple. And my choice? A berry, fruity mixture, indeed.

The day began with choices, as well. Do I sit and read whilst the family sleeps? Do I blog? Do I go out and run whilst it is still cool? Like my late day fruity mixture, I chose a little of all three.

I prefer choice. It is less stressful. It is more interesting. It is more fun. But that’s not what mid-day presented us with, “us” being myself and the lovely little Frau.

You see, sometimes we have to make choices, life choices, difficult choices: binary choices. Zero, or one? Yes, or no? Positive, or negative? Up, or down? Left, or right? And not every decision can be made with a knowledge of the eventual outcome.

Not every decision in life comes in multiple flavors. Money? Career? Faith? Dealing with decisions regarding health.

But, there is good news. Binary choices are just that: you only have two options. If neither is a guaranteed home run, then pick one and go. Not much mystery about potential outcomes…We should know, soon enough.

Still, a nice luscious banana pineapple strawberry surprise would sure feel good, right about now…