RDC Tall Tales Contest Announcement!


We were sitting around the other day wondering about this question: What would be a fun contest for our community?

So, not really being able to mind-read or anything, we polled our Facebook audience.  Little did we know they would pick “TALL, TALL TALES CONTEST” as their choice for a little good, clean fun.  That is, if you call writing a whopper bigger than your competitor good, clean fun!

So, how big can you cook ’em up? What will you win if you DO manage to convince our judges of the biggest, widest, deepest of all bald-face-lie stories?  Glad you asked! We have a his and hers cologne set from Annie Oakley fragrances for the winner.  Since you’re probably going to send in something pretty stinky, you might need the prize to cleanse your aura again…or just plain smell good.  And believe you me, they DO smell good…and THAT’s NO LIE!

To enter, send in your best “Tall Tale” to the Red Dirt Chronicles e-mail address by next Friday, August 26th, at midnight.  We’ll have our judges read them over the weekend, then announce the winner on Monday, August 29th. You can do this by going to our “Contact” form, or by sending your entry directly to:  reddirtchronicles@gmail.com

Rules:  You are limited to two entries per person, and although there is no length limit, we’d appreciate them being at least ONE PARAGRAPH long, and no more than 1500 WORDS LONG. Okay – so we have a length SUGGESTION…limit, suggestion…semantics. Meh!  In other words, size of the entry doesn’t matter that much – – size of the whopper DOES! Remember…entries close Aug. 26th by midnight.

If you’re not quite convinced, here’s a sexy, Western-looking photo to entice you for the prize!  Bonus?  This gift was purchased from the Indian Trading Post in Western Oklahoma, so it comes with a special secret bonus gift we won’t reveal ’till we announce the winner.  We’d love to publish the winning entry, so be ready to say “YES” to our request! (P.S. The “Tall Tales” artwork is by Angie Treat Lyon.)

~Love and Kisses and Whopper Inspirations to YOU, the RDC Contributor group



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