From the moment you got the keys to your first rental home you’ll be sharing with your friends, you drove by the location every day after work.  When you walked through each room showing us or your guests the patio or the pocket doors, your face beamed with excitement.  It reminded me of the same look you had when we went on vacation and you were exploring the hotel room, or spending the night with a grandparent.  You would run around the space, look at us, and show us “this!” or “THAT!”

Every time your roommates’ parents, or your father and I, or your grandparents, or our neighbors gave you a housewarming gift or volunteered a piece of furniture to help with the move, you exuded gratefulness.  It reminded me of the same gratefulness you had when you used to thank us for letting you take home seashells or rocks or a stick you collected somewhere along life.

When we said “goodbye” to you and your roommate the evening of your first night in your home, it reminded me of my thoughts on the night of kindergarten graduation: “Oh, she’s growing up so fast!”

And when we came to check on you the next day to bring another load of furniture and fix the refrigerator, we found you sitting in your bedroom sorting through your things.  It reminded me of my thoughts on the night of kindergarten graduation: “Oh, she’s growing up so fast!” Wait – did I just write that?

I love you RyDye….




3 thoughts on “Emptynesterology”

  1. I still feel that way today, and my children have been gone for sometime. Now the feeling is coming back as I watch my grandchildren grow. Time has a way of moving much to swiftly and to enjoy each moment given is so important and continue making the memories we cherish.

    1. Jeanne – Thanks for your note. It’s nice to be reminded that I’ll experience some of those same feelings when I have grandchildren spread their wings some day. Michael Mitchell and I are writing a co-authored piece to follow up this “Empternesterology” post today, and I should have included a grandparent’s perspective as well! ~ Best, RDK

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