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Baby, Baby…Baby: You Can Always Come Home

Kelly’s Thoughts: Michael sent me a message a few days ago after he noticed I had written my “Emptynesterology” post. He wondered if perhaps we could tag-team a bit since several of the RDC authors are in various stages of child-rearing (or child-launching). “Sure,” I thought.  No problem.

Then a reader named Jeanne wrote to us sharing that she experienced the “oh, they grow up so fast” emotions with children AND grandchildren.  So there it was…a brand new thought in my head.  The child-rearing, child-launching, grandchild-rearing, and grandchild-launching…they ALL have similar emotions attached.  Sentimental. Precious. Wonderful. Sad. Hopeful.

I love that Michael is writing to his “barely one year-old” daughter now.  He’s giving her a message that is of the utmost importance:  the message to your child that you love them, accept them, and that you are committed as a parent to them regardless of what peaks or valleys lie ahead.

I can share with Michael that there most likely WILL be peaks and valleys.  And, if I had to make a prediction…with a girl? Possibly around 5th – 8th grade.  It’s definitely a volatile time for sure.  Life also throws unexpected curve balls.  And sometimes big, fast, intense dodge balls.  However, at least to me, it seems that if a mantra is established at bath time that “she can always come home,” then not only will she be equipped to play…but equipped to lose.  AND win.

Michael’s Thoughts:  Every night, while I dry Isabella off after her bath and place her in the cradle I took from Pusletaske, I look her right in the eyes and tell her that she can always come home no matter what.

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From the moment you got the keys to your first rental home you’ll be sharing with your friends, you drove by the location every day after work.  When you walked through each room showing us or your guests the patio or the pocket doors, your face beamed with excitement.  It reminded me of the same look you had when we went on vacation and you were exploring the hotel room, or spending the night with a grandparent.  You would run around the space, look at us, and show us “this!” or “THAT!” Continue reading Emptynesterology