Oklahoma Cooking: Persimmon Cheesecake…Perfection

While I love to create my own dishes, I think just acknowledging that things are “just fine the way they are” is also important.  Such is the case with this “Persimmon Cheesecake” recipe I found on AllRecipes.Com.

Our Oklahoma native persimmons are in perfect form right now, and if you are in the mood to go picking, then I’m in the mood to offer you an absolutely delectible way to prepare them: in cheesecake. In “close-your-eyes-and-dream-of-lovely-things when taking your first bite” cheesecake.

I won’t be redundant…the recipe tells you exactly how to prepare the dessert.  However, I’m going to offer you a few tips.

1) It takes quite a while to de-seed and pulp 2 cups of persimmons.  Make sure you pick enough so you won’t have to go out to the trees a second time. (I mentioned here the quantity you’re most likely to glean from one individual persimmon.)

2) The cheesecake filling is a big quantity.  Make sure you don’t start the mixing process in a very small food processor or blender.  You need “big.”

3) At the end of your baking time, you might smell a twinge of burning sugar.  This is not your cake.  It is probably the sugared walnut crust mixture liquifying and slightly running out of the bottom of your spring-form pan.  To prevent oven clean-up, set a pie pan under your cake to catch any drips.  I only had ONE drip.  But, it was enough to make me think I should write you this note.

4) The finished product is a show piece.  And a gourmet winner.  And, has many, many calories.  Just focus on the beauty and the taste.  And, eat small slices if you wish.

I made this cake for my administrative team at the office, so I didn’t taste it until just now.  It slices beautifully and has a rich, maple-like color.  I thought it would taste similar to pumpkin cheesecake, but it has a tender, maple-like flavor all it’s own.  Persimmons ARE meant to be eaten, and this is an excellent way to do just that.

I’m so glad we live here in Oklahoma where the persimmons can be readily found, harvested and baked into an amazing treat.  Here are a few photos of the process…

Preparing the walnut crust.
Working through the steps to create the persimmon cheesecake filling. This mixture has three 8 oz packages of cream cheese, six eggs, 1.5 cups of sugar, 2 cups of persimmon pulp, cinnamon and ginger. HECK, yeah!
Spreading the mixture over the crust.
The cake has cooled, and I'm decorating the top with walnut pieces.
And...there it is! I don't have a photo of a slice, but let me tell you - it's just beautiful. Happy inhaling!





2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Cooking: Persimmon Cheesecake…Perfection”

  1. Thank you for sharing this great looking persimmon cheesecake recipe. I recently finished pulping a ton of persimmons for the 7th time this season. I have a huge persimmon tree in my backyard and spent Oct and Nov. baking persimmon bread. My tree is still loaded and I am thinking about baking persimmon cheesecake in small jars, to wrap and give as gifts. Adding photo’s always helps, thanks. Look forward to trying the same recipe.

    1. Pamela – You won’t go wrong with this recipe. If you feel the walnut crust might be funky for some, I’m sure a graham would work as well. What a wonderful gift/burden to have that tree! If you have really good suggestions on the best way to pulp persimmons, please pass them along. Take care, RDK

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