Like Nothing Else: Ode to WD-40

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Is there a particular smell that you love?  Not necessarily one that transports you to a certain place and time but one that is here and now and….handy.  That’s how it is with me and the sweet, metallic smell of WD-40.  It’s like cinnamon rolls and coffee on the back porch except with a more purposeful air.

Here’s the deal.  Everyone knows there are two essentials for work to get done; duct tape and WD-40.  Every self-respecting garage has them, every mobile work unit from tow trucks to taco trucks has them.  Most pick-ups have them rolling around under the seat.  Maybe not city pick-ups, poor wannabes that never see a dirt road, but real pick-ups.  My question; why is WD-40 so essential?  Why not WC-20 or Fred’s Thread Lube?  The answer may be more sinister than you first imagine.

Duct tape comes from a variety of manufacturers but not many people get emotionally involved with the brand.  But there is no substitute for WD-40, the real deal, the true Bones McCoy.  First, it works great.  Squeaky hinges no more.  Seized threads freed.  Condensation rust melted away.  Other spray lubricants cannot hold their own against WD-40.  You spray twice as much for half the effect.

But there is something else, something in the smell that drives men to choose WD-40 and only WD-40.  I contend there is a secret ingredient, a pheromone designed to make a person desire one thing and one thing only in the spray lube category.  And it works.  While the WD-40 company laughs all the way to the bank, men are turned into helpless pawns of their olfactory senses.  I am no exception and so I offer this ode to my…my precious.

WD-40 you are one of a kind,

None other can compare.

Metal threads so slippery, smooth to unwind

and a certain sweet smell to the air.

WD-40 you make my heart sing,

knowing my work soon to be done.

And when you are gone I’ll buy a new can

because WD-40, you’re the one.

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4 thoughts on “Like Nothing Else: Ode to WD-40”

    1. You’re welcome, my dear. And, I’m thinking about your sweet foster child too! P.S. If it weren’t for WD-40, my single-life years in college would have been much more difficult.

    1. Kristen – here’s the thing. Mark (one of our contributors wrote that), but MY HUSBAND has those things in his truck! It’s so true! 😀

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