We’re Doing Our Best to Keep You Informed and Here’s How…

The Red Dirt Chronicles has one standard for what we decide to publish:  Anything of value related to an aspect of Oklahoma culture.

That’s it; that’s the standard.  And, in the spirit of that standard, we’re always trying to keep a balanced blend of informative posts mixed with the more personal or thought provoking posts written by our contributors.  So, it wasn’t by accident that Red Dirt Kelly met up with David Blatt and another Oklahoma Policy Institute wonk at McNellies last Friday to talk.

What were they doing that we could share with you?  Well, come to find out…quite a bit. So that’s what we’re going to do…Share. The Oklahoma Policy Institute team is going to be putting together a summary-type post beginning next week.  The post will cover information pertinent and timely to Oklahoma politics, law, policy, taxes, other fiscal issues, etc.  We’ll probably deploy this piece on Fridays at noon.  We’ll let you know for sure when our first piece comes out.

Until then, just know this.  If you want to talk Oklahoma politics at McNellies in Tulsa, the beer is great.  The crab cakes – only so-so.

Take care, and have a great Friday evening,