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In The Know with Oklahoma Policy Institute: 4/27/2012

Number of the Week


Oklahoma’s rank nationally for the share of female residents reporting that they have been raped, physically abused, or stalked by an intimate partner in their lifetime; 697,000 women in 2010.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Quote of the Week

They have been continuing to decrease the percentage of the state’s overall budget for years and years while there has been a steady increase in student population and costs have increased.  What if your budget at home had stayed the same over the last five years?

Lynn Stockley, Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association President, on several rounds of cuts to the common education budget

Chart of the Week

OK Policy Note

Who’s behind the assault on income tax?

Earlier this month, rival events on the income tax debate presented an illuminating contrast. OK Policy’s forum featured economists from Oklahoma public and private universities, as well as economic development experts from the state Department of Commerce and the OKC, Tulsa, and State Chambers of Commerce. These experts from across Oklahoma’s academic and business community shared the message that eliminating the income tax would not live up to the promises of tax cut boosters and could be a disaster for the state.  At the same time, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) brought speakers from outside of Oklahoma to push for tax cuts. {click here to continue reading this post}

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In The Know with Oklahoma Policy Institute: 3/30/2012


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Number of the Week


Number of farms in Oklahoma principally operated by Native Americans, 2nd most in the nation, 2007

Source: U.S. Census of Agriculture

Quote of the Week

“We’re threadbare right now. We just don’t have the extra money… And we can’t just pull some number out of the air and say it’s going to generate this much growth.”
Rep. David Dank, Chair of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee, who said a significant cut to the income tax is doubtful this session.

Chart of the Week

OKPolicy Note

Stand back, we don’t know how big these things may get

In the final days of the 2010 session, when legislative leaders were faced with historic revenue shortfalls and were desperate for ways to balance the budget, a deal was struck with representatives of the energy industry on oil and gas drilling incentives. The industry agreed to defer payment of credits on horizontal and deep well drilling for twenty-four months, until July 2012, and then to pay out over the next three years the credits that accrued during this period. In return, the legislature adopted several changes to how drilling is taxed that were sought by the industry. [click here to continue reading]

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We’re Doing Our Best to Keep You Informed and Here’s How…

The Red Dirt Chronicles has one standard for what we decide to publish:  Anything of value related to an aspect of Oklahoma culture.

That’s it; that’s the standard.  And, in the spirit of that standard, we’re always trying to keep a balanced blend of informative posts mixed with the more personal or thought provoking posts written by our contributors.  So, it wasn’t by accident that Red Dirt Kelly met up with David Blatt and another Oklahoma Policy Institute wonk at McNellies last Friday to talk.

What were they doing that we could share with you?  Well, come to find out…quite a bit. So that’s what we’re going to do…Share. The Oklahoma Policy Institute team is going to be putting together a summary-type post beginning next week.  The post will cover information pertinent and timely to Oklahoma politics, law, policy, taxes, other fiscal issues, etc.  We’ll probably deploy this piece on Fridays at noon.  We’ll let you know for sure when our first piece comes out.

Until then, just know this.  If you want to talk Oklahoma politics at McNellies in Tulsa, the beer is great.  The crab cakes – only so-so.

Take care, and have a great Friday evening,