On the Horizon: The Voice of the People–Will Rogers

After working on this story about Will Rogers and Politics and other stories we’ve done on him in the past, I’ve come to the conclusion that I would liked to have known Will Rogers. He was a down to earth kind of guy and was very funny in an off-handed kind of way. Will was very intelligent and extremely well liked. Even when he was making fun of you, you still liked him. Many presidents and political leaders were the subject of his jokes but I think it was something that probably made them better known to people because Will spoke about them.

Many late night television hosts try to be like him with their running commentary on the day’s news but they just don’t hold a candle to Will Rogers. Even when he was being funny, he was still kind about it. Yes…I would liked to have known him and in this week’s video blog, I hope you will get a glimpse of just who Will Rogers was.
Alisa Hines