On the Horizon: Oklahoma Forestry

One of the many unique things about this great state is that as you travel across Oklahoma the scenery changes. The first thought that generally comes to people’s minds is the waving wheat and the rolling plains. Western Oklahoma is farmland as far as the eye can see with trees often few and far between but as you move east the landscape begins to change and what people don’t realize is that Oklahoma actually has a productive forestry industry.

I was able to travel down to the southeastern part of the state to Broken Bow where I quickly began to think that I was in a whole new world. Forestry is surprisingly a huge industry in Oklahoma with almost 10 million acres of forest land and an industry that contributes more than $2 billion to our state’s annual economy. In this week’s video blog, we travel into Beaver’s Bend State Park where we learn firsthand about the forestry industry.
Kela Kelln