On the Horizon: Homeschoolers Furthering Their Education

I’ve heard it said that some don’t believe home schooled children are very outgoing or very smart. But what I’ve learned is just the opposite is true. I met a couple of students who are being home schooled but are quite bright and very motivated.

One plans on double majoring in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Way over my head. The other choose to go into medicine even though she could have easily gone into engineering. Two very intelligent and also outgoing students who are going places.

In this week’s video blog, see how they are taking advantage of an opportunity to further their education through a local career and technology center.
Alisa Hines



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  1. Hello there, Rob! Thank you for bringing this video to my attention. I liked it so much, I have Pinned it to my Homeschool Board on Pinterest. Love all you do out there. Oklahoma, with Red Dirt Chronicles, is a happening place. 🙂 Fondly, Robin

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