On the Horizon: World Food Paradox

Millions of people die every year for a ridiculous reason… they are just too poor to stay alive. Estimates are as many as seventeen thousand children die each and every day from hunger and malnutrition related illness.

It has been called the world food paradox. In the developed world we have so much food our life expectancies are actually falling because we eat too much and are dangerously obese. Meanwhile in the developing world millions starve or crippled by the lack of good nutrition.

For decades the Western world has tried to solve the issue with food aid. Well intentioned but too often detrimental to a poor country’s own agricultural structure. Today in our video blog, we are going to look at the issue of food insecurity in the developing world through the eyes of a group of Oklahomans who, thanks to a state department grant, have been working in Uganda, Africa.
Rob McClendon