On the Horizon: Oklahoma’s Emergency Medical Services are in Crisis Mode

Recently, a legislative interim study was done to look at Oklahoma’s emergency medical system. What is known is that it’s hard to keep an EMS system funded. Many communities have lost their EMS system due to lack of funds and that puts lives in danger. Funding our EMS system is something that many people agree upon but little has been done to do so. A bill was put into place that should have helped but unfortunately, before it reached the governor’s desk, the funding mechanism was stripped from the bill so there is a mandate to fund it but no way to do so.

In steps Senaca Scott with the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He was able to put together an interim study where all concerned could voice their concerns in the attempt of finding a solution. There were a few solutions presented and even some good examples where communities have combined their resources to create their own EMS system that seems to be working. It’s ideas like that, that the upcoming legislature will need to look at in the attempt to shore up our failing EMS system.

In this week’s video blog, we explain the problem and talk about some solutions.
Alisa Hines