On the Horizon: What goes up must come down – right?

When it comes to heights, I’m one of the biggest scaredy-cats out there. I don’t do roller coasters and I definitely don’t like to climb really high things. But, like with everything in life, the day came where I had to conquer this fear.

Living in one of the windiest states in America it’s no surprise to see wind towers going up faster than gas prices. But I never knew what it takes to maintain them once they are installed – both from a knowledge and physical standpoint. Thanks to my job, I got an inside look at the training process and tried not to look too much like wimp.

In this week’s video blog, we go up inside a wind machine and take a look at the rescue training process turbine workers must go through before heading out into the field.
Andy Barth



2 thoughts on “On the Horizon: What goes up must come down – right?”

  1. Well I am quite sure this old lady wouldn’t have known whether to throw up or pee my pants first……
    Wow…brave is red dirt kelly…sing it..I am woman hear me roar!!!!!

    1. Nannyshannon nonya:

      It was not one of my favorite stories. I really try to enjoy things life throws my way but this was one of those situations when that didn’t happen. I figured people can at least get a good laugh with this one. Thanks for watching!!

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