EPOTM: The Escapades of Amateurs Managing a PR Campaign

Using my lunch hour efficiently, this Thursday I managed to get to the KSBI-52 studio, complete a short interview, and get back to the precepting room at work with a little time to spare.  But not without sweating a few bullets.

I’ve only been on TV three times in my life.  The first was when Cherokee Ballard interviewed me at my home because there was “a rash of car thefts” in the area where we lived.  I won’t mention that the main reason our car was stolen was that I left the keys in the ignition and didn’t quite close the doors.  Therefore, the overhead light was a beacon for the thieves, and when they peeked in – bingo! Keys!  I did get a little ticked off when two nights later they came back and stole my husband’s truck as well.  But, they had the keys and I can hear their logic:

Hey – we’ve got this set of keys and need two cars…

Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?

Yeah.  Let’s go back and steal that truck.

Like taking candy from a baby…

Later I had a chance to say my piece to the thieves as they sat handcuffed in the back of a police car.  The cops had called after finding my car at a 7-11 and “could we come and identify it?”  As Mick and I pulled into the parking lot in our rental, I felt compelled to walk up to the window and make darn sure the thieves knew “that truck was my father-in-law’s, and he just DIED a few months ago!”  Well, I told them, huh?  I will say the one closest to the window looked a little frightened. Not sure if it was because he just got arrested or because a crazed person just verbally accosted him about his bad deeds…

Where was I?  Oh yeah…TV.  I’ve only been on TV three times.  So, number one was about car thefts.

Numbers two and now three were on KSBI covering information highlighted right here on the Red Dirt Chronicles.  This week it was about Every Point on the Map (EPOM).  Number four will be next week.  Our friends at Oklahoma Horizon TV will be covering EPOM in a slightly different way, and they’ll be partnering with our project by lending us a bit of equipment.

In case you missed it, here’s our piece on KSBI:

When amateurs manage a PR campaign, anything can happen.  For example, they can forget key points to share when given TV time, assume the logos they send will get put on the air without double checking, look back on interviews and wish they would have used complete sentences.  But, maybe that’s life.

I will say, I’m grateful for the air time, grateful for any support we get to fund Every Point on the Map because of the exposure, and hopeful that we’ll reach our goal soon.  We have 30 days to reach the $3100 mark.  We’re down ten days, and have raised over half the funds.  Please visit HERE if you’ve not already done so and pledge a small gift if you’re so inclined.