Every Point on the Map: Do We Have Personal Buy-In?

Two days ago we launched our “Every Point on the Map” crowd funding site.

It was a big step, more than a little scary, and now the hard work begins.  We need to raise $3100 in 30 days or we get nothing.  It’s that simple.

Or, maybe…it’s that hard.

Since the first year of my marriage I’ve been buying cookies from Girl Scouts, and buying popcorn or sausage from Boy Scouts.  We’ve donated money to our children’s schools, to our church, to organizations we believe in… but I’ve never personally had a project where I ask for money.  I’ve never personally had to tell people:  “Look, I really believe in this project.  Would you be willing to support it?”

I’ve never had to learn how to ask.  You have to have personal buy-in at a level where no doubt exists.  We’re there.  Now we need to convince other people we’re there.

Giving is so much easier…

Our goal is relatively modest.  We asked for just enough money to get through the first year.  We’ll have a better idea of the costs at that point, but to roll out the project we know having support will free us up to focus on achieving our goals.

So, for those of you who are reading this post, please know this:  We’ll take care of your money.  We’ll do the very best we can to achieve optimum “Every Point on the Map” with minimum monetary expenditures.  And, we’ll do all we’re able in order to produce read-worthy, think-worthy, consideration-worthy, life-changing-worthy pieces.

We believe in this project and we’d love to have your support.  Really, truly, genuinely.

Love and gratefulness for any money you can pledge to our project, (click this link to support us!)

[kelly] and Rachel Apple



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