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On the Horizon: Hay Theft

Hay becomes extremely valuable to farmers and ranchers during the cold winter months, especially this year as farmers continue to struggle with a record setting drought.

Many farmers have had to sell livestock due to the lack of pasture to graze and because of the high rise in grain and hay costs. You can ask a farmer why they have had to sell so much of their stock and the response is almost always the same, they just can’t afford to feed them. Times like these often leave people desperate and that desperation has even lead to some people committing crimes of stealing what they need to get by. The combination of this desperation and the rise in hay costs has caused a growing epidemic of hay bales being stolen.

In this week’s video blog, we see how one clever Oklahoma sheriff found a way to catch hay thieves in the act.
Kela Kelln

On the Horizon: Bracing for another waterless storm

It’s still hard for me to get over the fact that water is being rationed. I come from a state where water is everywhere and we never have to worry about how to water livestock, the grass or ourselves. This concept of only being allowed to use so much water per day reminds me of the stories about war time and having to ration food and supplies for the troops.

I have covered the drought from a journalistic standpoint since its beginning in 2011. I’ve witnessed the heartbreak, the struggles, the concerns, and the farmers’ realization that their livelihood may not be a reality any longer. I have sympathized with them and, on occasion, have had to put down the camera and share in their tears.

In this week’s video blog, we take a look at the year 2013 and how all signs point to a continued drought with record setting heat. We talk with a cattle producer whose goal in life is to raise cattle and be the best producer he can be.

In the words of Paul Harvey on the 2013 Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial, we need someone who will be dedicated to feeding and clothing the world “so God made a farmer.”
Andy Barth

On the Horizon: Can we move forward?

This past summer, I was able to drive through the Midwest and was shocked and saddened by the vast amounts of corn, soybean and wheat fields that were already dried out in early summer from no rain. Having experienced the severe drought the previous year, I knew what farmers and ranchers were going through. I spoke with one gentleman in Illinois who was feeding his cattle in a feedlot because there wasn’t enough grass to last the summer.

This story is the same for most producers up and down the Midwest. Now that the election is over, agriculturalists hope lawmakers will begin focusing on issues facing their industry. The big two are the drought and the lack of a new farm bill.

In this week’s video blog, we take a look at those two topics and how farm broadcasters feel about them and what they are doing to speak up for agriculture.
Andy Barth

On the Horizon: Lower Taxes – At What Cost?

Politics have always interested me. Whenever a major piece of legislation is on the books, I try to stay involved and apprised of the situation. This year, a bill is heading to the people about Ad Valorem Tax. It will have differing affects on education and agriculture. I have been involved in agriculture my whole life. With my wife studying to be a teacher, I’m torn about what to think.

In this week’s video blog, we take a look at the different impacts this piece of legislation could have on the two industries and speak with two people who both advocate for rural Oklahoma, but have differing views of this bill.
Andy Barth

On the Horizon: The Wheels on the Bus Go Round

Growing up in agriculture I, like many others, tend to become tunnel focused in the agricultural area I worked in. As I grew older I quickly realized that there were other facets of the industry and how important it is to know about them.

I’ve always been impressed with how Oklahoma promotes and educates the public about agriculture. Everywhere I go I always see new ways the public is learning about how agriculture works and why it is vital for survival.

In this week’s video blog, we hop on a bus and take a look at Oklahoma’s Agritourism. From peaches to vineyards, the agriculture industry in Oklahoma is more diverse than one would think.
Andy Barth